Japanese type 97 tank.jpg (31552 bytes)
World War 2 Japanese type 97 Tank

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World War 2 Japanese

Tamiya 1/16 scale R/C King Tiger kit with Porsche turrent.$599.95
M2.Kirin 1/16 scale German WW2 Kubelwagen type 82.$79.98
M3.Tamiya 1/35 scale German WW2 Tiger II,King Tiger.$45.00
M4.Tamiya 1/35 scale German WW2 Panther G early type.$45.00
M5.Tamiya 1/35 scale German WW2 Jagdpanther-tank destroyer.
Late version.$22.80
M6.Dragon Models Soviet WW2 T-34/85 model 1944 Tank.$27.98
M7.Hasegawa 1/32 scale Focke Wulf FW 190A.$29.98
M9.Hasegawa 1/48 scale Henscel Hs129B-2.$25.98
M10.Hasegawa 1/48 scale Junkers JU87B-2 Stuka with skid.$31.98
M11.Hasegawa 1/48 scale Junkers JU87B-2 Stuka.$29.98
M8.Nichimo 1/35 scale King Tiger.2m long wire R/C.$23.50
M12.Italeri 1/72 scale Junkers JU88A-17.$18.00
M13.Italeri 1/72 scale Henscel Hs-129 b3 tank buster.$13.00
M14.Italeri 1/72 scale D0-217 K1 with Fritz "X".$18.00
M15.Italeri 1/72 scale HE-111 Zwilling.$32.50
M17.Italeri 1/72 scale Ju-88 C-6 fighter bomber.$16.00

Mil-24-Hind-F-s.jpg (3340 bytes)

M18.Italeri 1/72 scale Mil-24 Hind F.Soviet Helicopter.$13.00

M19.Italeri 1/72 scale Junkers Ju-88 Civilian.$18.00
M20.Italeri 1/72 scale Heinkel He 111 with V1.$18.00
M21.Italeri 1/72 scale Messerschmitt BF 110.$13.00
M22.Italeri 1/72 scale Ju-52 Minesweeper.$20.00

Panzer-IV-H-s.jpg (3100 bytes)

M23.Italeri 1/35 scale Panzer IV-H.$26.00

M24.Italeri 1/35 scale Joseph Stalin II tank.$26.00
M25.Italeri 1/35 scale T-34 Soviet tank.$23.50
M26.Italeri 1/48 scale F8F-2 Bearcat.$16.00
M27.Italeri 1/48 scale P-47 Thunderbolt.$16.00

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